The Quran: English Translation of its Meanings


This is a simpler, clearer and easier to read translation than many of the popular ones which preceded it. Saheeh International reviewed each verse in Arabic with reference to several works of Arabic tafseer and grammar, choosing contemporary wording and carefully placing them in order similar to that of the original Arabic whenever possible.

“Without going into excessive detail, a word is due here about the methodology of this abbreviated edition. Three main objectives have served as guidelines:
To present correct meanings, as far as possible, in accordance with ‘ aqeedah ahl as-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah.
To simplify and clarify the language for the benefit of all readers.
To let the Qur’an speak for itself, adding footnotes only where deemed necessary for explanation of points not readily understood or when more than one meaning is acceptable.’
[Taken from Editor’s Preface]

This acclaimed translation of the meanings of the Qur’an has set new standards of readability and accuracy, for the benefit of everyone needing a resource of the Qur’an in English. It is now available in a pocket sized paperback form for ease in carrying and distribution. Readers will appreciate the clear, modern English, the smooth flow of sentences, and the concise footnotes which give necessary information but allow uninterrupted reading of the main text. The translators of Saheeh International have paid careful attention to authentic sources of hadeeth and tafseer and have made comparisons with previous classic English translations. The result is a highly accessible and reliable work that can be used by anyone wanting to study the authentic meanings of the Qur’an.

Very Clearly Laid Out + Reader Friendly.+ An Excellent Index

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Originally produced in 1997, this translation of the Noble Qur'aan has received wide acclaim and respect for accurately reflecting Arabic meanings. Simple language and attention to detail have made this a superior English translation. It also includes over 2,000 explanatory footnotes and an extensive subject index and has received recommendations by numerous well-known scholars including Dr. Bilal Philips.